Winter and Kurth

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted interior products and artworks made in the UK.

Subtly tonal and elegantly tactile, our monochromatic marquetry designs are our most recognisable products to date. Our marquetry surfaces playfully explore colour, material, pattern and form and their relationship with light and atmosphere. Through the use of a single colour we create surface patterns which disappear and re emerge depending on where light hits the surface.

The combination of precision machinery and traditional hand crafted processes drives our practice. Excited by the seamless possibilities that new technologies bring, we also value the beauty and humble aesthetic derived from traditional design and manufacturing processes. We celebrate all levels of workmanship, from the artisan to the engineer, translating artisanal crafts into high end products.

“High end craft, embodies humans need for a relationship with beautiful objects. Simple, sophisticated, very well executed. Perfectly positioned to cross the boundaries of art, craft and design.” Judges comments: OYO 2017.